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How Jesus leads us to success feels great because He guides us to the right path that takes us to the best route to success.

Ariston P. Awitan, author of the Autobiography of Ariston P Awitan Jr M.D., attests his successful career to his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The book focuses on telling the story of Mr. Awitan himself. It showcases all of his hardships, failings, and success as best as the author could.

What readers will see in Mr. Awitan’s book is that despite what he had to go through, he was still able to be successful, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how Christ leads and sets us on the path of success!

God Shows Us He Wants Us to Succeed in Ariston P Awitan Jr M.D.’s Autobiography

God intended for us to succeed. We are a winner because of Him. Regardless of the history, this holds true for every individual. Nobody’s life has ever been predestined by God to be average.

God made each and every one of humanity to be unique. However, it is quite possible that actual success has been greatly distorted in our culture. Success is defined as “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted” by the American Heritage Dictionary (AHD).

But such a definition is quite broad. There are people who don’t really have anything they want to achieve. “The gaining of fame or prosperity” is the second term from AHD. Now, this term doesn’t sit right with us because it’s the furthest thing from being a Godly definition of the word “success.” Many people are well-known and wealthy, but they are not truly successful.

There is a need for the word “success” to be redefined. Not everything has to be done in a huge or impressive way. As a matter of fact, not everyone is called to greatness.

“Menial” Doesn’t Mean Jesus Hasn’t Led Us to Success

Do you think that those who have menial jobs are unsuccessful? Why would you think that?

For example, winter is a truly difficult season to deal with. We would be in serious danger without the people who shovel and sand the roads during the winter.

How Jesus leads us to success is by putting us on the path that allows us to be good stewards of the task God has appointed to us. Mr. Awitan showcases that God wants us to succeed in his book Autobiography of Ariston P Awitan Jr M.D. His faithfulness in what God has called him to do is the real success that God wants us to achieve. Faithful in a small number of things will likewise be faithful in many.

Jesus Christ Gives Us More the More Good We Do

Christ will make us greater and provide us more if we take excellent care of what He gives us. Success has not at all been portrayed as a divine concept. We want to encourage people who don’t feel like they’ve accomplished much: God has more in store for you, and you will certainly succeed.

Your loyalty will be acknowledged. And to all of you who think you’re amazing, we hope Mr. Awitan’s book can help you understand that success doesn’t depend on these fleeting possessions. God has a different perspective than humans do.

Christ Takes Us to Places We Never Expected

On our path to success, our Lord Jesus Christ might take us to places we never would have gone to on our own. This is still true now, as it was undoubtedly the case for the first disciples. It was simply a truth for people who followed Jesus throughout his earthly ministry: to follow him meant to let up on things that had held significance.

How Jesus Leads Us to Success Will Surprise You and Everyone Else

Jesus did not provide us with a model of luxury or ease. Rather, He shows us an example of how successful our lives may be if we rely on God for all of our needs. If we trust Christ and that His way will bring us success and peace, then we will realize both in His presence.

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