Ariston P. Awitan’s book Learning to Stay Healthy is an attempt to discuss what actually affects and increases an individual’s longevity and how to avoid reducing it.

In the endless web of modern society, where everyone is either following their ambitions or letting themselves be caught up in the tide, the need for health is often unnoticed. Amidst the hectic atmosphere of today, we chase achievements and navigate deadlines. We’re striving for external validation while neglecting what’s happening within us, both mentally and physically.

Yet, as we unknowingly or deliberately ignore our bodies and minds, it is the unassuming choices we make in regard to them each day that place us on the path towards success and living a fulfilled life. Our health is what influences our resilience; it has a significant pull on whether we are happy or not. With this perspective, it is not crazy to say that our health is the glue that keeps things together. Without it, we crumble, we break, and whatever aspirations we have become simply like dust. Health helps you and me succeed.

This is a very important topic, as discussed in Ariston P. Awitan’s book Learning to Stay Healthy, where he lays out clearly what it takes to live a long and fulfilling life and why health helps you succeed.

Keeping in Tip-Top Shape

Think of it like this: imagine your body as a factory working towards a goal. Every cell, every organ, and every system is a worker, each with its role to play, a delicate interplay of biochemical processes and operations that we could never imagine without help. 

When we nourish ourselves with wholesome food, move our bodies with delight and intent, and prioritize sleep and rest, we are giving the workers in our body time to rest, to recalibrate their functions, and to create a working atmosphere of vibrant health. 

Conversely, neglectful choices act like terrible company ethics, muffling the synchronicity between workers and eventually leading to a dissonant and disharmonious workplace.

The virtue of this internal factory lies in its quiet power. The benefits of healthy choices accumulate over time, piling neatly upon a foundation of strength and resilience. A balanced diet, for instance, isn’t just about avoiding illness. It fuels our energy, sharpens our minds, and bolsters our immune system, empowering us to face life’s challenges with greater vitality. Similarly, regular exercise isn’t just about acquiring sculpted physiques. Proper exercise is about strengthening our bones and muscles, improving mood, and reducing stress, which allows us to move through life with greater grace and ease. 

The quiet activity of health also plays a pivotal role in our mental well-being. Adequate sleep isn’t just a luxury; it’s a nightly refreshment, easing our brainwaves and emotions and making sure that when we wake up, we are full of vigor and vitality. It helps us to take in the day and face whatever awaits us. Aside from sleep, meditation and other practices that focus on mindfulness, such as spending time in nature, act as wonderful alternatives or auxiliary projects that quiet the internal chatter and allow us to experience deeper peace.

Why Health Helps You Succeed

Of course, staying healthy isn’t always about adhering to rigid regimes or chasing unattainable ideals. It’s about finding the harmony within you, listening to your body’s grinding, and making choices that resonate with the unique workspace of your body. 

Remember, the factory of health doesn’t require a spotlight or a rave review. It’s a personal masterwork, a testament to the quiet power of everyday choices. So, let go of the external noise and tune into the internal bustle of your body. Savor the subtle sweetness of a ripe apple, embrace the invigorating pulse of a walk in the park, and relish the quiet push of contentment after a mindful breath. In the quiet project of staying healthy lies the most profound work of all—the labor of a life well-lived, vibrant, and in tune with its own unique melody.

Remember, the journey to health is a lifelong adventure, not a destination. Embrace the ups and downs, the occasional business, and focus on the overall ethic of your well-being. As your body performs its functions and projects healthy choices into your life, you’ll discover a deeper sense of resilience, joy, and a vibrant atmosphere that resonates far beyond the noise of the external world.

Let the work of your body trudge on and let health help you succeed, as Jesus himself would encourage.

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